Friday, September 19, 2014

More Bister

Here's another little sample of all the different colours I have.  On each of these I painted a little bit of water on with a paintbrush and then sprinkled just a tiny bit of Bister on each wet spot:

So today I tried something different.  I first stamped and clear embossed Mike's seaweed, then I sprayed with some green Bister colour spray and then I lightly sprinkled some brown Bister on top.  It was a bit too dark at first so I sprayed with water until I got a result I liked.  Here's the background mounted on paper:

I was going to add the turtle but there's the seahorse I love which also has a die cut.  No contest.  Here's the seahorse on this murky water background:


  1. Heidi, I don't see it as murky water background. It is mystical and magical water. Just GORGEOUS! Someone is going to be very happy on their birthday when they receive this gorgeous card!! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the bister samples shown too! Hugs, Laura

  2. What a beautiful background, Heidi.
    Looking like realwater. Bistre is a great powder to work with and i see
    you have the hang of it.


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