Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Card for the blind

My aunt recently went blind.  I wanted to send her a card letting her know I was thinking of her but didn't see the point.  Then I decided I could make one she could enjoy -- I just had to put in as much texture as possible into the card!  So I sprayed on some Goosebumps spray (this gives a slightly bumpy feel), added some of Tim's rock candy, smeared on some white acrylic paint, added a couple different types of brads, some canvas stickers, and some fuzzy white wool.  Lastly I stamped Mike Strong's smallest hexagonal stamp into some Stampin Up! clay and added that to the front.  It feels great and I know my aunt will love it! 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Technique Thursday

This isn't really an official technique but recently I have been playing around with a few different techniques and have been going crazy making designer papers that I love the look of using scrap pieces.  I'm going to make a few cards here so I'll start with 4 scraps of white.

First I take my sponge dabber and randomly sponge on one colour (I used summer sun) in blotches leaving some white. 

Once that is done I take another colour (island indigo) and sponge it on the remaining white overlapping with some of the first colour to make another.

 Once the scraps are done to your liking take the first colour (yellow) and stamp with a background stamp.  I used Michael Strong's Cloisonné Mosaic Frame.  You can see the colour faintly in the background.

 Now take your stamp and fold it so when you ink it up with the darker colour it is only partially inked.

 Finish stamping the same way all over the scraps.

 Here are the cards I made with those scraps.