Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bister - Used as a spray

The next thing I read on Bister was how to make a coloured spray to spray your cards.  So I made up a few of those.

Here I used just a tiny bit of Bister.  I was going to measure it accurately but my smallest measuring spoon was 1/8th teaspoon.  WAY too much!  So I'm looking around for a universal container that is really tiny and came up with a golf tee!  People all over the world play golf!  So I put a small amount on the head of my golf tee and scraped it flat.  Here's a picture with a penny for perspective:

That is the amount I put in my mini mister along with 1/2 teaspoon of water. 

I tried some experimenting with the green.  These both started off with Mike's large Medallion embossed in clear and then sprayed with green.  On the right one I immediately took a paper towel and sponged off the excess spray.  On the left one I just let the spray dry naturally.  You can see the left one is a more intense colour.

I'm an intense kind of colour person so I made the card of the day from that one!  Here it is -- I ironed off the embossing to get this look:

So, again, this was nice enough, but not heart stopping for me.  Can't see why this is any different from anything else that I already have.  This was not the reason I was so amazed by Bister.  You'll have to hang on until tomorrow to see what all the excitement is about!  (Cheer up -- if I was George R.R. Martin you'd have to wait 5 years!)

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