Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bister -- the Amazing Fun Begins!

Here's what I did next.  This was amazing because I didn't know what it would do and I thought it was quite exciting.

Sprinkle some Bister (blue) on paper (I used watercolour):
 Then spray with a water mister:
Keep spraying and soon the colours will all start to run:

I also noticed that when you spray from farther away (so the paper gets a light mist) the result is different than when you spray close up (so the paper gets a full squirt).  The top part received the mist and the bottom part got the full blast of water.  Look how it reacts!:

 On this one I just sprinkled Bister and then gave the paper a full blast of water.  Here is the result right away:

I LOVED this! 

Here is a video you can watch to see it in action.  The video is in Dutch and Dutch is one of the hundreds of languages I don't speak, so after the first word (Hello) I didn't understand anything.  But he does have the pertinent information written in English on the video and it shows the Bister in action :

Here are some many fun results I got:


I just loved this!  All the different colours swirling together!  I'm also going to experiment with adding a few different colours together and seeing what happens.  Stay tuned.

So now to make cards out of this...

On this piece I just stamped on the paper:

This piece I added as an accent to give the card a bit of interest:


  1. Love your playing around with the bistre,Heidi!
    Your cards have turned out great.

  2. Beautiful work. Thank you for sharing the details.

  3. Beautiful work. Thank you for sharing the details.


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