Friday, December 19, 2014

Turkey Game giveouts

This next paragraph is pretty boring and personal and not much about the box so you can skip it if you'd like.

This past month has been busy with holiday preparations and also getting ready for my annual Turkey game!  I did google "Turkey game" to see if people who didn't know what it was would be able to learn.  No, you can't, so I'll explain.  When I started playing bridge a long time ago each year around the holidays the clubs would hold a special game called a "Turkey game" where the winners would each receive a turkey.  (Not a live one.)  I guess this kind of dwindled out over the years because A) it was hard to keep 4 dead turkeys somewhere and hand them out to people after a game and B) what do people want with turkeys?  So they gradually changed this to giving out cash (not much -- about the cost of a turkey) but still called it a "Turkey game".  Now I'm back to bridge after a long absence and they are just holding a special game and giving out random prizes and not calling it a "Turkey Game".  So since I'm teaching I held a special little game for my novices and called it a "Turkey Game" without turkeys.  (Again, what do people want with turkeys?)  So I prepared a bunch of grands for them to bid and gave out some prizes.  At the end of the game everyone received a Holiday "card" from me.  This little box was filled with a chocolate card they could savour at home. 

To make the tag I stamped the Tim Holtz card stamp on a tag and then sprinkled with some Brusho -- which is quite like Bister and very fun.  Then I punched out a Santa hat and glued on a little white pom pom.  I think they were a big hit.

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  1. Heidi, Loved hearing about the history of the "Turkey game". How cool that you play bridge. My DH was always trying to teach it to me {smile}. I love your
    "holiday card prizes" for your Bridge learners! Great colors and love the Santa hat on the TH playing card!!! Thanks for sharing! hugs, Laura


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