Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sketch Help!

This month's Michael Strong sketch is this:

 I had an idea to try the 3 strips in blue and have the center as Mike's Christmas tree.  That evolved to the blue being a starry night background and I could use my Crosshatch stamp and put white dots where the lines met for stars.  The sponging starts off light on the bottom strip but then gets darker and darker for the top strip.  I tried to use both my white pens but both had dried up so I ended up using white paint instead.  Now for the tree.

I tried first with white shimmer paint for the tree to show a snow glistening tree:
Then I tried stamping the tree in Chipped Sapphire but the ink pad needed refilling so I ended up having to sponge all around the edges so you wouldn't notice the stamping wasn't very good:
I reinked my ink pad and tried the tree again:
So now I like ALL three cards the same!  I don't know which one to post as my sketch!  Help!

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  1. Hi Heidi,

    Personally I like the second tree the best, because of the dark outline en the shining part in the middle!

    greetings, Trix


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