Friday, March 7, 2014

Michael Strong Card of the Day - Friday

Here is my last card of the week!  For this one I took a rainbow background I had handy in my stash and stamped Mike's bumblebee all over it!

I know right now you are all thinking "Did she colour in that bee with a marker and stamp THAT many times!?!"  No.  Of course not.  I can't be bothered to do that kind of thing -- too much work.  I bought that stamp and right away decided that I'd just cut it up and use the hexagons individually.  Then when I wanted to make this card I went a step further and totally cut the bee right out of the hexagon!  Here's a picture to prove it:

I figured that I'd use the little guy much more if I could stamp him all over the place.  After all I can always order another one (and I KNOW there will be a next order!) if I want.

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