Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Michael Strong Card of the Day - Technique Thursday

I wanted to do a colourful technique so here's a rainbow stamping technique!

Step 1:

Take a clear block and smear some yellow ink directly onto the clear block.  I used Tim Holtz "Squeezed Lemonade" and it fit perfectly in the middle of my block.

Step 2:

Take a red ink pad (I used "Pickled Raspberry", which is pink) and smear it directly on the top of the clear block.  You can overlap with the yellow if you want.  (I did since you can't see the yellow transference on the red pad -- but I wouldn't put my yellow ink pad on the red ink.)

Step 3:

Take a blue ink pad ("Salty Ocean") and smear the pad directly onto the bottom of the clear block.  This is what it looks like:

Step 4:

Lightly mist the clear block and let the colours run together.  The more water on your clear block the more the colours will run together so don't put too much or they might turn muddy:

Step 5:

Press the clear block firmly down on some paper.  I used watercolour paper which helps the inks run a little.  Take the clear block off the paper and mist the paper a little if you want the colours to run more.  I misted my paper to get this rainbow effect:

Once the paper dries you can stamp on it!

I was SOOOOO excited that my Seahorses arrived I had to use the big one!  Thanks so much Mike for the FABULOUS prize!

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